Computer Science

I first got interested in computers in college. Prior to attending SIUE, I could barely use a word processor effectively. Within a year of starting college, I was writing my first HTML code and was on my way to spending an unbelievable amount of money on computers.

Now I'm beginning to take courses in C++ programming and plan to make a career out of computers. Ultimately I would like to learn Java and Visual Basic as well, but the lowly college student has only so much time. Obviously, I have some HTML knowledge and understand at least a little about graphic design. After I graduate with my English degree, I'm planning on returning immediately for a degree in computer science.

Last semester I took CS 140, with Socratis Tornaritis as my instructor. I found his instruction very helpful...though I had struggled with C++ manuals for some time, Socratis got me on track to learning my first programming language. He has resources for his students located on his SIUE web page.

This semester, I'm taking CS 150 with Xudong Yu.

Related topics: role-playing games, real-time strategy games, web development.



Socratis Tornaritis' Web Site
My CS 140 professor offers some useful resources for students in his classes as well as necessary programming information. Though it's designed for his students, the page may be useful to other beginning C++ programmers and assorted computer people.
SIUE Computer Science Department
Information on the computer science programs at SIUE as well as the faculty and related information.
SIUE Web Publishing Information
Information about publishing your own web pages on the SIUE web server.